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This is my sense of humor to a T, Good job man ^^

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While this game wasn't difficult to play through, it was charmingly fun throughout and was the right length so that the mechanics didn't feel overly repetitive, great job!

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There's a lot to love about this track, the bass automation and effective use of fx. The chopped vocals and general spacious/otherworldly vibe this track gives off reminds me a lot of Gorillaz.

Great job Quarl!

Quarl responds:

woot, gorillaz comparison represent <3

I always enjoy listening to your music because your production techniques differ so much from my own and my personal knowledge of production that I don't have the same fourth wall break of knowing how to recreate the sounds as I do in my other listening experiences.

P.S that's a punchy snare Quarl <3

Quarl responds:

Yay, Elf love!

I get that same 4th wall vibe when I listen to other artists, totes understandable. Musicians spend decades of their lives dedicated to practicing instruments, rudiments, and styles so that they can replicate certain genres or songs perfectly by memory on the spot. Music flows out of us in the moment and then it's gone. Sometimes it's hard to emulate something you yourself just played. You ever have one of those moments where a melody just disappears forever because you were too slow to write it down? A melody is right in front of you, pulsing through your body and then it's vanished into thin air because it's ephemeral. We're all just chasing moments <3

Hey Ando! great job with this track!

You captured a really haunting and dark sound with this track. The foley, atmospheric sounds and pitch decay brass sounds are spot on. Not to mention that the melody that comes in just before the drop is so good, having a strong melody that lands in really harmonically insecure places, I love that.

I felt the drop/main groove section could have been filled out more atmospherically, that's all that's missing to my ears, this may be based on taste and opinion but to me it loses a little bit of the haunting environment you've crafted here. although you do bring it back here and there within the drop, part of me is left wanting that crushingly low and bassy atmosphere that I felt this track was moving towards. Though I liked the offbeat "Bwop" synth and how the amount of reverb was altered between accents.

The gliding basses, flutes and bells are a really nice tone in the background, the track starts to take on a pulse after the first half, like a living organism. The risers in this are also fitting and well placed.

One last thing is that the very 80's sounding chord synth at 00:46 is gorgeous and shifts just how my ears wanted it to when it came in, it reminds me heavily of the Borderlands video-game series so that's a big win in my book.

Great job and please make more stuff like this, I'm excited at the possibility of hearing more from you in the future <3

EMBL3M responds:

Hey, thanks for the in-depth review!

I totally agree with your opinion on filling out the main groove and drop. This is kinda my first step in making an atmospheric and heavy dubstep style, so that's a point I can improve on.

Also you found the reverb automation in the drop :DDDD I was hoping someone would find that!

I took the chord synth at :46 from the original actually, just edited the swell time and pitch bend. I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements from the original that I thought made the track unique.

Again, thanks a bunch for the review!

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This is gorgeous!

I love the subtle lighting and the sense of space you've created inside the glass, great job!

I love it, I like the lack of colour in it, it gives everything a stony and more detailed look to it, great job ^^

FaLk responds:

Good to hear! I might add colour to it some time in the future

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