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This is my sense of humor to a T, Good job man ^^

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While this game wasn't difficult to play through, it was charmingly fun throughout and was the right length so that the mechanics didn't feel overly repetitive, great job!

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I listened to this track when you first uploaded it and again just now, from the perspective of a standalone song and also as more purely expressive standpoint. My only criticism as a standalone song would be that the main idea of the rhythmic accents can get a little repetitive upon multiple listens, but I didn't get the impression that you were going for the feel of a traditional song here so that may be a mute criticism. Also this isn't a style of music I'm very familiar with so I could be completely wrong there.

Listening from a purely expressive angle I feel I understood this, or at least I hope I did. The sampled crowd intro going straight into the track had me relating to what you said in the description about cranking your headphones and blocking the outside world. There is pure aggression in the arrangement and sound design which I really like, everything feels hard hitting and heavy whilst still having a defined place in the mix for each instrument, something I find difficult to do myself so good job on that aspect.

You can definitely tell you're a drummer, the tight rhythmic DnB beats with lots of hat work like at 0:57 are really cool. The poly-rhythmic and rhythmically displaced moments throughout are nice touches too, you have a way of creating really raw, unorthodox and interesting sounds which is always a great thing to see!

Hope you do well in AIM and keep bringing us these fresh sounds!

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Quarl responds:

Haha, Im not very familiar with these genres either. Im just making things up as I go :)

Thank you for the kind words Elf Actual <3

Edit: hope you checked out zephyo's art :D

Quarl this is great!

The percussion in the intro was really gentle and sounded real nice, the bass sounds are really good, the soft bells and hidden wilhelm were a bonus, Good job!

Quarl responds:

Hidden? I thought the Wilhelm was pretty blatant. Ive never used it before, there it is :)

Hey man!

I really like the sound design of some of these basses, I do agree with the other review saying it is a little too consistent, but I completely understand the reasoning, when your equipment and software is limited it's easy to get frustrated making a whole bunch of fresh basses. There can be a tendency to run far with a few sounds when you find something you like, which I've done myself on several occasions ahaha.

Good job on making the basses you have in the track, they're crisp and metallic and are fairly varied in the musical motifs. Keep cracking on and making music like this and when you have the synths and drive to make drum sounds you'll make some quality stuff but just focus on having fun creating!

VarsityCreations responds:

Thanks m8! I just got serum, so things will be easier now.

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This is gorgeous!

I love the subtle lighting and the sense of space you've created inside the glass, great job!

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I love it, I like the lack of colour in it, it gives everything a stony and more detailed look to it, great job ^^

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FaLk responds:

Good to hear! I might add colour to it some time in the future

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