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Posted by ActualElf - July 13th, 2018

Guys I finally did it!


I built my audio tank PC, after a few hiccups here and there I got it running smooth. It'll be a little while before I begin using this as my audio workstation as I have a lot of software shifting and library switching to do but in the very near future I will unleash this monster of a machine.

I stress tested the pc, loading a trial of Ableton 10 and keeping all the default preference settings. Loaded a Wavetable synth and five reverbs on a MIDI track set to play a nine note chord for a bar, then duplicated the track until it would lag upon playback. It took around 90 tracks. So around 90 synths playing 810 notes going through 450 reverbs to make it even begin to crackle. Even then it only momentarily blipped and then played back smooth.

Technology has come a long way and I adore this machine already.

I'll be tying up loose ends in regards to my old laptop set-up and then I hope to bring you guys new music when I get into this new workflow, you'll definitely know the first track I make on this PC because there will have been a big deal made about the fact in the description lmao.


Much love 


- Brendan <3




Posted by ActualElf - July 1st, 2018

Hey NG!


I've recently had a little slow down in the releases of my music, this is partly caused by taking part in several Newgrounds competitions, namely AIM and NGADM. Knowing that in a few weeks if my entry is accepted I'll have to rigorously produce and have very tight deadlines to work with sort of makes getting lost in current tracks difficult, knowing I may potentially have to start three new big tracks from scratch in the space of a month or so if all goes well. I'm sort of saving my mental patience for the time intensive creation and workload.

Also I have just finished university and moved back from London to my hometown, have a spare room which will be turned into a home studio, will be building a tanky audio PC and finally investing in monitors, so hopefully I can finally begin to dive in and hone every sound I make rather than constantly cutting corners because one heavily designed serum patch makes my CPU meter hit 230% lmao.

I'm also taking some time out for some grinding, or so the joke goes, sitting every day on Ableton but not actually producing any music. Just spending hours and hours sound designing, creating wavetables and presets for the creative practice and also unintentionally creating a personal soundbank of new sounds/basses for future use. Potentially saving me time in the future when I begin to write again instead of having to make every single sound from scratch for every track, or potentially shaping a new song in a way it wouldn't have gone had I not had the soundscape at the ready.

After the LIMBO EP was a strange workflow, building the EP essentially after it was released. It has gone from a three track EP to a six-track, although it's looking to become atleast an eleven track by the time the next few months are over, once I solidify the final AIM mix "DRUGS" to release and if the NGADM tracks I potentially write are fitting and on par with the EP. Plus there is also a really nice remix yet to be released. 

It'll be a slow period for now, but I'm hoping to get my studio set up completed, use this time to tank up my production skills and come back with some tracks that I hope you guys will really enjoy.

Much love - AE <3




Posted by ActualElf - April 25th, 2018

What's up Newgrounds,


I just finished and released the "LIMBO" EP last night/this morning, it's been a lot of fun making the tracks and the approach of releasing each track as I made them was really enjoyable but kept me on task and focused as I couldn't allow myself to leave a big chunk of time between installments. This approach also leaves me feeling like I could add to the release in the near future if I make any more tracks I feel would be best suited there, the feeling f having atleast finished it in my eyes takes a lot of pressure off of myself and now it can become something I can further in future if I'd like to.

The tracks are really cool, each one was my new best work at the time I wrote each of them, DEVIATION is filled with aggressive bass-house inspired patches but has my slightly darker take on music with me taking what I liked from the genre and twisting it in my direction. RIDDIM is an aggressive, low and heavy groove track inspired by a lot of the tracks I've been listening to recently that's all based around aggressive sound design. Finally, BLOSSOM is a future bass inspired track that has massive chord stacks and lots of LFO work, making use of space and dynamic changes. I'm really proud of how the tracks turned out, there are one or two tweaks I would make and may make in the future but for now I am happy with the release.

If you wanna listen to the LIMBO EP and access free/pay what you like downloads check this link:



Dreamstate EP Series -


In regards to the Dreamstate series, a collection of ambient music which is made in the process of me noting down my ebb and flow with poor mental health in music, currently housing Dreamstate and Ethereality. I hope and plan to continue to make more, mainly for myself, as I really enjoy putting them together as a lot of the creative process involves destroying and breaking audio to create a mix between a beautiful sound and a haunting one.

I've been working on tracks in the background for the next release, currently looking to be a far more relaxed and calming collection of music in comparison to the two earlier releases. The series is a set of EPs that I'm proud of regardless of their reception with listeners, as they are so tightly nailed into my mind as individual periods of time in my life over the past couple of months, something I'll be able to go back to and re-live through the tracks, which I guess is kind of the point of the concept that the EPs have become.

To listen to the EPs "Dreamstate" & "Ethereality" and grab yourself a free/pay what you like download check here:



That's all I'm gonna update you on for now, if you check out any of my music I hope you enjoy

see you soon x


- Brendan


Posted by ActualElf - April 9th, 2018

Hey NG,


It's been a while now since I made my first news post, felt like it was time to leave an update on what I've been doing.

In the later months of 2017 I created a lot of new music, mainly Video-Game esque tracks and a bunch with DnB influence, which I released one by one as I wrote them to Newgrounds and later compiled into two 15-track album releases. The albums titled "Visual Noise", the one focused on the darker, DnB style tracks and "Actual Elf", an album focused on the Video-Game and 8-bit style music I've been releasing in recent times.

They can both be found on my bandcamp for name your price/free downloads here:






As of April 2018 I am still studying music in London and I'm still working from the same set up I was at the time of my last update, except my production techniques, ability and creativity have increased massively since that period. I think churning out tracks like I was doing gave me a lot of practice and made me focus in on what needed to be worked on in my approach to music, a lot of that being my attention to detail and sitting with my impatience with my set-up.

Having a lot of limitations with my current workstation meant that I would have a tendency to let repetetiveness run riot throughout my tracks sometimes, as I would spend a long time crafting and shaping an idea to then have my laptop flatline when I try to create a new section, meaning I would then cut many corners just to finish the piece.

Those same limitations lead me to learn a lot more about efficiency in my workflow and being more decisive, comitting things to audio almost exclusively when I have finished a part or idea, leading then into using midi instances as almost recording instruments, creating my own samples on the fly and ending up with some of the most interesting sounds I've come up with so far, this leads into the Dreamstate/Ethereality twin EP post that will be coming very shortly.


Another part of this update is to mention that I've recently been working on putting my music out where more people can view and access it. Before I mainly kept it contained between my close friends and here on Newgrounds and liked to keep it seperate from my day to day life, but today I started up a media page where I can begin to be more vocal about my future releases.

Like/Follow if you fancy keeping tabs on me:



I haven't been uploading very often to Newgrounds this year but that is oddly because I'm working on my music harder than ever, my posts may become more sparse but I will be much prouder of the musical results that come out of the time I put into them.

As always I'm excited to continue creating music that you, myself and my friends can enjoy, there'll be a couple more news posts after this one and then probably another stretch of radio silence until my next big update, Cheers - <3


- Brendan



Posted by ActualElf - December 5th, 2017

Hey Newgrounds,


I've been posting a lot of my music here recently but have yet to publish anything in the ways of news posts, felt like now would be a nice time to change that. 

As of right now I am studying music and living in London, I've been here a couple of years now, always putting off my studies to work on music, which is the last thing I should probably be doing lmao. 

I started producing about this time last year, flitted between DAWs to find one I liked, after having testers of FL, Reason and previous experience with Logic I stumbled across Ableton and it became my go-to and new home for making music. I've spent the time between then and now writing as much music as I enjoyably can.

My current set up for music production is fairly abysmal if I'm being honest, been working off of an old hand-me-down laptop with next to no CPU, attempting to mix on cheap headphones and whatever audio systems come to hand, but I'm hoping to change that soon, I finish my course in around 6 months, will be investing in a new laptop, monitors and a new set of headphones (after christmas sales amirite?) and continuing to work on my music as hard as I have been all along.

In regards to my current goals, I've always been really interested in writing music for games, the indie market especially, there's something I've always liked about it, but for now until I feel I could create a product that would be a quality that I'd be happy to hear in any sort of game/animation project I'm going to continue creating music just 'cause it's what I enjoy doing with my time, whilst unintentionally creating a portfolio that could come in handy in the future. 

Newgrounds has really boosted my creativity, I get so lost in writing music on a song by song basis and not looking at the bigger picture that later on I look back and realise I've created music more music than I would've had I just sat down and set a specific goal for the same amount of work.

Anyway, that wraps this up for now, I'm excited to continue uploading and hoping to hear any feedback and opinions that you guys have for me, now and in the future, Cheers - <3


- Brendan