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LIMBO EP/Dreamstate EP series

Posted by ActualElf - 1 month ago

What's up Newgrounds,


I just finished and released the "LIMBO" EP last night/this morning, it's been a lot of fun making the tracks and the approach of releasing each track as I made them was really enjoyable but kept me on task and focused as I couldn't allow myself to leave a big chunk of time between installments. This approach also leaves me feeling like I could add to the release in the near future if I make any more tracks I feel would be best suited there, the feeling f having atleast finished it in my eyes takes a lot of pressure off of myself and now it can become something I can further in future if I'd like to.

The tracks are really cool, each one was my new best work at the time I wrote each of them, DEVIATION is filled with aggressive bass-house inspired patches but has my slightly darker take on music with me taking what I liked from the genre and twisting it in my direction. RIDDIM is an aggressive, low and heavy groove track inspired by a lot of the tracks I've been listening to recently that's all based around aggressive sound design. Finally, BLOSSOM is a future bass inspired track that has massive chord stacks and lots of LFO work, making use of space and dynamic changes. I'm really proud of how the tracks turned out, there are one or two tweaks I would make and may make in the future but for now I am happy with the release.

If you wanna listen to the LIMBO EP and access free/pay what you like downloads check this link:



Dreamstate EP Series -


In regards to the Dreamstate series, a collection of ambient music which is made in the process of me noting down my ebb and flow with poor mental health in music, currently housing Dreamstate and Ethereality. I hope and plan to continue to make more, mainly for myself, as I really enjoy putting them together as a lot of the creative process involves destroying and breaking audio to create a mix between a beautiful sound and a haunting one.

I've been working on tracks in the background for the next release, currently looking to be a far more relaxed and calming collection of music in comparison to the two earlier releases. The series is a set of EPs that I'm proud of regardless of their reception with listeners, as they are so tightly nailed into my mind as individual periods of time in my life over the past couple of months, something I'll be able to go back to and re-live through the tracks, which I guess is kind of the point of the concept that the EPs have become.

To listen to the EPs "Dreamstate" & "Ethereality" and grab yourself a free/pay what you like download check here:



That's all I'm gonna update you on for now, if you check out any of my music I hope you enjoy

see you soon x


- Brendan