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Latest News


Guys I finally did it!


I built my audio tank PC, after a few hiccups here and there I got it running smooth. It'll be a little while before I begin using this as my audio workstation as I have a lot of software shifting and library switching to do but in the very near future I will unleash this monster of a machine.

I stress tested the pc, loading a trial of Ableton 10 and keeping all the default preference settings. Loaded a Wavetable synth and five reverbs on a MIDI track set to play a nine note chord for a bar, then duplicated the track until it would lag upon playback. It took around 90 tracks. So around 90 synths playing 810 notes going through 450 reverbs to make it even begin to crackle. Even then it only momentarily blipped and then played back smooth.

Technology has come a long way and I adore this machine already.

I'll be tying up loose ends in regards to my old laptop set-up and then I hope to bring you guys new music when I get into this new workflow, you'll definitely know the first track I make on this PC because there will have been a big deal made about the fact in the description lmao.


Much love 


- Brendan <3




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